art. UP04T

End profile UP transparent 4mm



Material sample

End Profile UP 4mm

200 mm

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Length 2100 mm


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  • Color: transparent
  • Length: 2100mm
  • Thickness of the sheet used: 4mm
  • Quantity in the package: 20 pcs
  • Material: polycarbonate
  • Made in Latvia


  • Lightness
  • Flexibility
  • UV resistance
  • Moisture resistance
  • Easy to assemble


  • Сanopies
  • Greenhouses (doors, windows)
  • Fences
  • Shower cabins
  • Advertising stands

The end profile for polycarbonate is designed to protect the sheets from contamination. When using them, dirt, earth and other debris does not get into the channels.

In the case when the end faces are not closed, debris from the external environment gets inside the sheet, and polycarbonate loses transparency.

To ensure a high-quality installation, a sealing aluminum tape should be used, which is glued to the upper edge of the panel, as well as a perforated aluminum tape, which is attached to the lower edge of the panel.

Then the polycarbonate profile is put on.

The standard length of the profile is 2.1 meters, which corresponds to the width of the polycarbonate panel.

The end profile is attached to all edges of the sheet having open honeycombs of canopies, canopies, greenhouses (doors, windows, perimeter of the bottom), fences, shower cabins, advertising stands.

  • Polycarbonate Profile for Polycarbonate Sheets: Durable and Versatile Solution

    Enhance your construction or renovation projects with our polycarbonate profile, specifically designed for use with polycarbonate sheets. This high-quality profile is the perfect solution for creating strong and reliable structures such as greenhouses, carports, fences, awnings, and much more.


    1. Strength and Durability: Crafted from premium polycarbonate, our profile boasts exceptional strength and durability, ensuring a long service life for your structure.

    2. Versatility and Application Flexibility: Suitable for a wide range of projects and applications, it can be used for both indoor and outdoor installation.

    3. Easy Installation: Simple installation without the need for specialized tools or skills. Perfect for DIY projects.

    4. Weather Resistance: Our polycarbonate profile exhibits high resistance to UV radiation and various weather conditions, including rain, snow, wind, and extreme temperatures.

    5. Attractive Appearance: Its stylish and modern design adds aesthetic appeal to your project.


    - Greenhouses and conservatories
    - Carports
    - Fences and pergolas
    - Awnings and canopies
    - Wall and roof coverings

    Available Sizes:

    We offer polycarbonate profiles in various sizes and shapes to meet your specific needs and project requirements.

    Why Choose Our Profile:

    Our polycarbonate profile is a reliable and efficient solution for all your construction needs. Its reliability, quality, and ease of installation make it the perfect choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

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